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Parkchester Residential Community in the Bronx


...To all with interest in the Parkchester (Bronx, New York) community. The InsideParkchester Directory (Guide) is for you. Its primary goal: to provide valuable information, news, and resources you could use to take full advantage of all this vibrant section of the Bronx has to offer. Who can benefit from The InsideParkchester Directory? That list easily includes current and prospective residents of the area; visitors to the area; small & major business owners in the area; real estate specialists looking to buy and sell in the area; and private property owners looking to sell and buy in the area. You can also use this directory to connect with like-minded folks who visit, live, work, and play in Parkchester.

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-- Find out about schools inside Parkchester, Bronx, NY.
-- Find out about restaurants and other stores in the area.
-- Promote your business inside the Parkchester community.
-- Discuss issues through use of forums and a chatroom.
-- ETC., ETC.

Additional Notes -- The InsideParkchester Directory links to The Parkchester Information Network which is one of the fastest growing and highly regarded websites on the internet covering the Parkchester, Bronx community --- Also, please note "residents" of parkchester include BOTH residents of Parkchester apartment/condominium complex AND residents of apartments & private homes in the immediate surrounding area. (see link label in directory's list labeled "Private Homes in Parkchester").

Feb 15, 2012

Private Homes in Parkchester (Bronx, NY)

A View of Parkchester outside the apartment/conominium Complex

KEEP IN MIND when referring to residents of "Parkchester," this means BOTH residents of the cluster of buildings that make up Parkchester apartment/condominium complex AND residents of homes in the immediate surrounding area.

NOTICE -- The INSIDE PARKCHESTER DIRECTORY links to The Parkchester Information Network which is one of the fastest growing and highly regarded resources on the internet covering the Parkchester (Bronx) community.

Post Your Parkchester (Bronx) Properties For Rent and/or Sale (IT'S FREE!!!!!)

To Owners and Real Estate Personnel of Properties for Rent and/or Sale:

Use www.Parkchesterinfo.com listings to POsT yOuR OFFerIngS.

It's easy & FREE. All you have to do is register then post your information. Registering takes just a few minutes (assuming you already have an active e-mail account to activate your registration).

You can find the "Register" button on the upper right-hand corner of this page on the website.

After registering just go to Parkchesterinfo.com real estate listings here and post your offerings.

St. Raymonds: A Pillar In The Parkchester Community

Photo Above: St. Raymond's Academy For Girls

St. Raymond's Elementary School
Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten to 8th grade
Click Here - St Raymonds Elementary School

St. Raymond's Academy For Girls
Click Here - St. Raymond's Academy For Girls

St. Raymond's High School For Boys
Click Here - St. Raymond's High School For boys

St. Raymond's Community Outreach Program:
St. Raymond’s Community Outreach Programs offers afterschool activities for Parkchester’s young children and teens.

After School Program for 1st to 5th graders…
Click here for more details about Achieve.

LEAD ( Leadership, Education, And Development )
After School Program for teens to explore their talents and passions while becoming leaders and preparing for the future.”
Click her for more details about LEAD.

St. Raymond’s provides an invaluable service to the Parkchester community by way of providing for our kids – who literally, are the future; if we fail them we’ve failed (PERIOD). But financial support is sought to continue providing and maintaining the high quality of these services. Please note “[financial] contributions to St. Raymond’s Community Outreach are tax-deductible and within limits established by law.”
Click here to find out how you can support St. Raymonds efforts.

More schools in Parkchester (the Bronx):
Public School 102
Public School 106
Castle Hill Middle School 127
Bronx Charter School For Excellence

AN IDEA: Using Parkchester Forums AND Chatroom Simultaneously to Communicate

Have you ever posted on any of the forums on the Parkchester Information Network Website. (at http://www.Parkchesterinfo.com)

Here are just two examples of the many informative forums available on the site:
"Feedback & Discussions" and "Move to Parkchester: Properties for sale by Owners"

NOW a question !!! …

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to get an immediate response to a question or a point of concern you’ve posted on a forum?

If so, here’s an IDEA (a “lightbulb” moment)… That could help you to this end.

First go to the appropriate forum and post. BUT also leave a time-slot that you will be in the chatroom, awaiting a response to your post (say from 4:00PM to 4:30PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Also include in this post the nickname others will recognize you by in the chatroom.

You should also know that if you want your post to appear immediately you must register (link provided below). You can post as a guest, too. This doesn’t require registering but your post must first be approved by site's moderator.

Finally, please note using the chatroom requires absolutely no registering. It’s very, very easy. Just type out what you want to say, provide your nickname and that’s it!!!!!

Try it out.

Registering at Parkchesterinfo.com is recommended before visiting the chatroom. It’s easy and quick. Just look for the register button at the upper righthand corner on the page that appears after clicking here.

To Visit the Chatroom Click here

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Parkchester Residents Without Air Conditioners – – Some Helpful Tips !!!

AirConditioner AirConditioning
Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans
Blistering Heat Blistering Heat
Light Clothing Light Clothing
Summertime Summertime
AirConditioner AirConditioning

So your Parkchester 1bedroom, 2br, or 3br apartment lacks air conditioning as of this reading.

Well, there are still several very simple steps you can take to beat the heat, especially during those blistering hot spells expected during summer months. (Remember the heat wave that just past? WHEW!!!)

By the way, some of these suggestions are also helpful to those concerned with energy conservation.

[ 1 ] During the daytime (especially on very, very hot days) slide curtains over windows to prevent sunlight/sunrays from streaming unchecked into your apartment. Consider this: the sun heats up walls and floors, and this stored-up heat slowly radiates throughout your apartment hours after sunset. Putting up curtain minimizes this.

[ 2 ] You might want to consider bypassing those inexpensive floor fans found in budget stores and investing, instead, in a TOP-QUALITY floor fan. The cooling effect better floor fans provide may surprise you. (Vornado, for example, receives nice ranking here.) Using ceiling fans is another highly recommended option.

[ 3 ] Where possible consider using fluorescent light bulbs. These are available in a variety of sizes & shapes and generate virtually no heat – especially in comparison to regular lightbulbs. Proof??? All you have to do is feel the heat generated from, say, a 100 Watt bulb that has been on for a long-enough period of time. Click here to read more important information about fluorescent bulbs (taken from the NY Times 6/24/2008 edition).

[ 4 ] Consider Shutting off your computer during long stretches of time when it is not in use. Also consider using your computer’s “sleep” cycle features. The computer’s monitor and tower could generate significant amount of heat.

[ 5 ] Super-quick cool showers interspersed with your daily indoor routine during extremely hot days also helps keep body temperature down. Allow yourself to air-dry. Also wear loose-fitting, light clothing. Avoid wearing clothes woven with synthetic (man-made) fabric.

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Parkchester Service, Repairs, and Maintenance

Parkchester Maintenance

Always keep Service, Repair, & Maintenance information handy for the assistance you may need to maintain your Parkchester apartment, condominium, or studio.

Rent a Parkchester Apartment or Buy/Sublet a Parkchester Condo (Consider the Surrounding Area & Other Bronx Neighborhoods too)

Parkchester Apartment/Condominium Complex

Part 1 of 3
Are you looking to Rent an Apartment inside the Parkchester Apartment/Condominium Complex?

Looking to rent a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom Parkchester apartment? How about renting out a Parkchester Studio?

Looking to rent a 1 bedroom or 2bedroom apartment from Parkchester's "Premiere" Collection?

To Apply online, see pricing list & floor plans, and even check availability for renting any of the above units Click here!!!


Part 2 of 3
Are you looking to buy, sublet, or sell a Condominium Located inside the Parkchester's Apartment/Condominium Complex?

Access the "Parkchester information Network" FREE multiple-listing for leads toward landing a Parkchester Condo. You even can post info to sell or sublet YOUR condo (or other properties). Another option? Have you ever considered a "condominium swap" or "apartment swap." Learn more. Just Click here.


Part 3 of 3
Are you looking for an Apartment, House, or other Properties in The Area surrounding the Parkchester Apartment/Condo Complex?

Access the "Parkchesterinfo.com" FREE multiple-listing service for leads aimed at getting you that apartment, house, studio, commercial property, etc... situated outside the Parkchester complex. You can even post property YOU have for rent and/or sale. Also, learn about property "swapping" as an option. Just Click here.

Verizon Fios TV & High Speed Internet Available in Parkchester Housing (By the End of 2008)

Verizon Fios: Coming Soon to Parkchester Housing in the Bronx, NY ( DIRECTV® and Dish Network™ are available, too)

Verizon FiOS
TV & internet service will be available to residents of Parkchester's condominium housing development (which includes apartment renters AND condo owners) by the end of 2008.

When Verizon FiOS BEGIN taking installation orders you can place your order here.

Although Verizon Fios is scheduled to be available to Parkchester housing residents "by the end of 2008" no exact date has been given as of yet. But you can still find out for yourself when Verizon FiOS will be officially available in Parkchester & when you can order by following these 4 simple steps:
1. Hit blue "here" link provided just above.
2. This will take you to a order form with a link on the left-hand side column that reads "Order Verizon FiOS TV (do so now)."
3. Just Hit this link and you will be sent to Verizon FiOS order page which has a link on the upper right-hand side that says "Check Availability."
4. Click this link and by simply providing your location (in this case Parkchester) or your Verizon home number (if you have this) you can find out when Verizon Fios will be OFFICIALLY available in Parkchester. And yes, you can place your order here as well.

You can ALSO order DIRECTV® and Dish Network™---- For more info on how to get Direct-TV or Dish Network see the right-hand sidebar of this directory and click on either the "DIRECTV®" or "Dish Network™" posts.

For more info check out this article about "Verizon inking its second contract with a New York-based complex [Parkchester Housing] ... The deal will bring Verizon FiOS and high speed internet to residents of Parkchester ... etc." Read article in its entirety here.

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Follow the NEWS !!!!!! (Parkchester, Bronx)


Sources include "Parkchester News," "Bronx Times," "Daily News," "New York Times," and "amNY." Find it all in one place here.

You can even write & share stories you deem newsworthy here.

Parking in Parkchester

Parkchester currently has three Central Parking System, Inc. locations:
- 2040 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY
- 1900 Archer Road, Bronx, NY
- 1500 Unionport Road, Bronx, NY

For more info visit Parkchester Parking.


A lot of people familiar with Parkchester seem to agree that finding general parking space could be a nightmare. At least a system of garages are in place.

Here’s some real talk - bad and good - on this issue:

forum-thread #1 Jorechio informs readers of garage “break-ins” (see last post in this thread). His recommendation: if you choose to use the garages around the Parkchester residential complex install a car alarm system to alert Parkchester's security team.

On a positive note: read TamaraOli26 insights on this issue --
forum-thread #2

Also worth a visit: http://del.icio.us/Inside_Parkchester

Floor Plans of Parkchester (The Bronx) Apartments For Rent

Looking to rent a studio or a one, two, or three bedroom apartment in Parkchester, Bronx, New York?

Perhaps you're interested in the renting an apartment from Parkchester’s “premiere” collection and enjoying the additional perks.

Perhaps you wish to buy or rent a Parkchester condo (condominium).

Whichever option you choose, peruse the floor plans offered here to help you decide what’s best for you and your family. Also apply online to rent a Parkchester apartment.

Click here to view floor plans (make sure to scroll downward once you reach this page) -- you can even apply ONLINE HERE to rent an apartment. If you're seeking a condo then use the (appropiate) forums on this website to connect with people selling & renting/subletting their Parkchester condos.

Click here to view more Parkchester's floor plans.

Have time? Visit:http://del.icio.us/inside_parkchester

Locating Restaurants in Parkchester (Bronx, New York)

You can easily locate restaurants throughout Parkchester (right down to one in your zip code).

Also get the info you need on Parkchester's diners, steakhouses, coffee shops, fast-food eateries, lounges, etc.

Public Safety & Security in Parkchester (The Bronx)

Safety & security
. Always a point of concern no matter where you live. (Even in areas that are reputed to be safe.)

Learn more about safety issues in Parkchester the Bronx by Clicking here!

Photos of Parkchester (The Bronx, NY)

Photos of Parkchester for your viewing pleasure here!!!

Learn more about Parkchester (Bronx, NY) here.

Some added trivia about Parkchester (added 5/17/2009) -- continued below
"Before Parkchester was Parkchester, and before the Bronx was even officially the Bronx ..... In 1861 [when the area was "farmland"] Parkchester was the site of The New York Catholic Protectory, an orphanage for boys and girls .....The boys and the girls were taught a trade so they’d be employable once released ..... The boys even had a functioning fire department. But they weren’t able to save the girls’ building when it caught fire in 1875. It was destroyed, but the girls got out safely...." Interesting stuff. This is an excerpt from an article in the Bronx Bohemian website. Read the rest here.

A Few Tips About Pre-school For Parents Who Live In Parkchester

Pre-school is popularly noted as one of the best options to help prepare your children during their earliest years to fulfill their potential.

This brings to mind a question: … did Homer and Marge Simpson send their kids, Bart and Lisa, to preschool? Do you think they ever considered sending Maggie, their youngest, to preschool?

Alright, go ahead and laugh. Can’t blame you. Afterall, we all know a little something about the misadventures that Bart, Lisa, and even little Maggie routinely find themselves entangled in on the crazy, hilarious cartoon program The Simpsons.

Anyway, in getting serious again, let me ask all you parents who live inside Parkchester a question. Are your kids enrolled in preschool and are you comfortable with this? Or are you considering enrolling your kids in pre-school?

Indeed, preschool do have some clear benefits. Here are a few quotes and phrases (all italicized) taken from an article titled “Preschool On The Horizon” by Courtney Daly-Pavone. (Sorry, can't provide link as article isn’t available online.)

1. In selecting a preschool begin the process a year in advance to ensure selecting the best one for your child.

2. It’s important for parents to know how children learn during this time. Play is their form of learning and socializing. This is not a time for a child to be under academic stress.

3. The best benefits of preschool is to take kids outside and let them play with other kids.

4. The best preschools provide a nurturing environment and energetic, creative teachers.

5. An engaging environment will make it more likely the child wants to go to preschool.

6. It’s best to wait until the child is 3 years old before she/he goes three days a week, Half-day is best for a child under the age of 4. The number of days a week a child attends preschool should match child’s age.

Parents, keep in mind the above opinions are from parents and educators who contributed to the article “Preschool On The Horizon.” And, yes, these opinions are worth considering. But please be advised that thorough research on your own is the best you could do for your child before placing him or her in preschool.

Perhaps you’re a parent who prefers or is considering homeschooling. According to Robert Titzer, Ph.D., creator of theYour Baby Can Learnbooks and also a contributor to the article some of the info here was taken from, this is another very viable option. Dr Titzer words: if you are motivated, intelligent and love learning, then homeschooling could be a great option. You and your child could learn and bond together.

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Give Your Review of Restaurants in Parkchester (Bronx)

Read opinions about Ellies Diner and other restaurants as well as fastfood and takeout spots located throughout Parkchester. Hey, you could just as easily submit your personal reviews here!!!

Map of Parkchester (North & South)

Use provided maps to locate specific streets and/or other destinations in and around the Parkchester, Bronx, NY community.

Visit Parkchester Map Section !!!

To access this directory's "HomePage" click on "InsideParkchester (Directory)" logo at top of page.

Parkchester Roommates Listing Services -- For People With Rooms to Rent & People Looking For Rooms

Are you Seeking a ROOMMATE to occupy an extra bedroom in your apartment or condo in the Parkchester area (or elsewhere)???

Are you looking to RENT A ROOM as a ROOMMATE in the Parkchester area (or other NYC locations)???

The Parkchester Information Network (parent site of The Inside Parkchester Directory & one of the internet's leading resources on the Parkchester area) offers a FREE listing service to help in your search.

You can either read postings of interest and respond if you wish. Or you can put up your own post(s) as a renter or room-hunter. Visit anytime.

Order Your DIRECTV® and Dish Network™ --- Residents of Parkchester's South & North Condominiums & Apartments

DIRECTV® and Dish Network
hours of ENTERTAINMENT for the entire family.

[ 1 ] Residents of Parkchester South Condominiums and Apartments
DIRECTV® and Dish Network™ are immediately available. YOU CAN ORDER NOW!!!
Installation is timely and in accord to the guidelines of DIRECTV® and Dish Network™. Click here for ORDER INSTRUCTIONS and TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. And please read ordering instructions carefully before placing your order.

[ 2 ] Residents of Parkchester North Condominiums and Apartments
Parkchester North residents who wish to order DIRECTV® or Dish Network™ can only request placement on a waiting list AS Parkchester North management is still tentative about offering these services. As an alternative North side residents may choose Verizon Fios instead. To order yours just click here. For additional info here about Verizon Fios check out this post.

IMPORTANT --- Please note The INSIDE PARKCHESTER DIRECTORY links to The Parkchester Information Network (www.Parkchesterinfo.com) which is one of the fastest growing and highly regarded resources on the internet covering the Parkchester (Bronx) community.

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MySpace and InsideParkchester UNITE !!!

A Message to MySpace users from all over the world who have interest(s) in Parkchester, NY (and the Bronx in general) !!!

The InsideParkchester blog recognizes that a lot of MySpace users are of the creative, adventurous, and fast-forward-thinking type. Maintaining contact is important to you. Oftentimes creative endeavors are important to you. Oftentimes you flip these creative endeavors into businesses that require successful online marketing & promoting campaigns which eventually translate into the real-world interactions such as playing gigs, meeting up with like-minds (say at the Starbucks in Parkchester), or getting other MySpacers to visit your clothing boutique or customized-audio car shop located in the Parkchester community or elsewhere in the Bronx.

In reaching like-minds inside the Parkchester area why not consider using the InsideParkchester Directory to gain familiarity or refamiliarize yourself with the area and what it has to offer. You can then use the info and resources this directory offers to make your myspace online connections really count for something in the real world. Specifically (in this case) within the Parkchester area and the bronx in general. Don't overlook using the InsideParkchester blog to up your game.

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Banks in Parkchester (Bronx)

Parkchester Banks (include):

-- Chase Manhattan Bank
-- Bank of America
-- Emigrant Savings Bank
-- Washington Mutual (WAMU)
-- Sovereign Bank

For Details on locations, business hours, etc. Click here !!!

Sell, Trade, and Buy Used Stuff in Parkchester (Bronx, NY)

Statuettes. Games. Furniture. Clothes.

Stuff! Stuff!! Stuff!!! Who doesn’t have stuff? Most people have more stuff than they realize.

Eventually most people decide to get rid of stuff that’s not necessarily needed or just taking up room.

Why automatically throw away stuff you could easily (or not so easily; must keep it real here) sell?

On the fipside…

Why buy brand new stuff all the time if you could get mildly-used stuff of the same quality for a lot less? And then, have you ever considered trading stuff with others?

Of course it’s recommended that you do your homework, use common sense, and that you may even have to practice patience to win in the used marketplace.

But if you have the time this might be an avenue worth exploring.

To use the Parkchesterinfo.com Website to “Sell your Stuff – Buy from Others – Trade with Others” you have to register. But this is very simple and fast if you already have an e-mail address to confirm your registration. For a quick peep at postings just click here. And to register just look for register button at the very-top of site's homepage; you can find this by just clicking here.

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Verizon's FiosTV & Internet Services Available in Parkchester For 2009

The hype about Verizon's Fios TV and Internet Services coming to Parkchester began late last year. Well, it's 2009 and you can put your order in now (SEE below)!!!

First, here is a late 2008 clipping about all this...

"NEW YORK, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Residents of Parkchester, the largest privately owned condominium complex in the U.S., will soon have access to FiOS, the most advanced, transformational, all-fiber-optic service from Verizon. Under recently signed agreements with the two condo boards of the northeast Bronx complex, which contains 12,271 apartments in 171 buildings, Verizon will start providing FiOS TV and FiOS Internet services to some residents by year-end [of 2008]. The services will be available in the near future to all residents, who will be able to enjoy more than 100 high-definition (HD) channels on FiOS TV and broadband speeds of up to 50 Mbps (megabits per second) on FiOS Internet service....." (see link #2 below to read this article in its entirety)

TO ORDER Your Verizon-Fios (0r DIRECTV® or Dish Network™ ) or to simply get more info visit The Parkchester Information Network here === You can also get a $5.00 discount when ordering Verizon Fios online instead of calling in your order !!!

Read the above article in its entirety here.

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